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Business VISA Debit Card Disclosure


VISA® Business Debit Card At A Glance

What it is.
The 1st Bank SM Visa® Business debit card gives business account holders and authorized employees access to funds in their business checking accounts. When cardholders use the card to make purchases anywhere Visa® Cards are accepted, the amount is automatically deducted from the primary business checking account.

What it does.
It gives businesses and their employees significant advantages in terms of convenience and acceptance compared to traditional business checks. Instead of carrying a bulky business checkbook, the Visa® Business Debit Card can be easily carried in a wallet, where it is readily available. The 1st Bank Debit Card is accepted for business purchases - without delay.

Where it can be used.
The Visa® Business Debit Card is accepted wherever Visa® Cards are accepted - at more than 15 million worldwide locations, including most online merchants.

How cash can be obtained.
As an option, use your 1st Bank SM Business Debit Card to get cash at over 100 locations in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Washington. (ATM access will allow employee/cardholders to see deposit account balances printed on most ATM receipts.)

Why business owners want a Business Visa® Debit Card.

  • More convenient to carry than a business checkbook.
  • Saves time at the point of purchase (i.e. gas pumps, office supply stores, vendors, suppliers and restaurants).
  • Accepted at more places than traditional business checks.
  • Keeps business and personal expenses separate. You receive a detailed description of every card purchase/cash withdrawal from ATMs on your monthly business checking statement.

Visa® Debit Cards - the convenience of a checking account without having to write Checks! Apply today!

To report a lost or stolen card: 866-546-8273